Courage When It Counts

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Real leadership—especially where government is concerned—involves being a guardian and a public servant. A guardian of the public trust puts the interests of the people first and is charged with the duty of protecting people from public policies detrimental to their individual liberties. Invested leaders embrace the solemn responsibility which comes with difficult decision-making, and the measure of a true leader is his or her ability to demonstrate courage when it counts by standing up for what is right.

As someone who trains Indiana’s young leaders on the roles and responsibilities inherent to principled leadership, John Crane will use the following framework to provide such leadership at the Indiana Statehouse on behalf of the people of District 24:
  • Listen Before Legislating
  • Return Local Control to Communities
  • Don’t Negotiate on Non-negotiables

Guiding Principles

John is a strong supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and backs up this stance directly with the NRA.

John is an advocate for our children and believes in the sanctity of life. His stance is further supported through his response to the Indiana Right to Life organization.

Use the iVoter Guide evaluation of John to find out more around his stance on today's issues. - See the iVoter Guide

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