Public Endorsements

“The Indiana Family Action PAC Endorses John Crane for Indiana Senate! John’s courageous commitment to our traditional values and to Hoosier families is well-documented and undeniable. Help spread the word about a good man. Get the facts. Share the truth. And we thank you for your continued support of John Crane!”

Ryan McCann – Executive Director

“John Crane has our full support in his run for State Senate. He is a man of true integrity and honesty, and we are behind him one hundred percent.”
Lloyd and Marsha Acton

“John Crane is a leader of extraordinary vision and integrity. His principled, practical understanding of the issues facing Indiana, make him an ideal Hoosier to represent our views and values as a common-sense voice in the Legislature. And as we all know too well, common-sense in public life is actually quite rare these days.”

Curt Smith
Indiana Family Institute

“Do you believe in the old adage “Character Counts”? I do, and I can attest to the excellent character of Mr. John Crane. As I recently discussed several of the important issues currently before the Indiana Senate with him, the fine character of this man was quite evident to me. John was able to answer all of my questions about several important issues (Abortion legislation, 2nd Amendment issues, Education reform) in a manner in which I could tell his opinions had been well researched and formed by his considerable experience with each issue. True conservative values shone through as John discussed these and other concerns of the day. If “character counts” when it comes to choosing representation and leadership in our Indiana Senate, you can count on John Crane.”

Christopher Worley
Brownsburg Town Council

“John Crane has been uniquely prepared by his life experiences, background and years of involvement in his community, to faithfully serve the people of the Hendricks/Putnam County District in the Indiana State Senate. John’s life demonstrates his commitment to the state’s founding principles. I believe he will bring the wisdom to lead others in the legislative process to ensure that – as stated in the Preamble to Indiana’s Constitution – “justice be established, public order maintained, and liberty perpetuated”.”

John Mollaun
Hope Healthcare Services

“John Crane is a constitutional conservative and a man of great integrity that will fight for family values. Not only is he a strong leader, but his vocation is mentoring youth to be strong leaders via the Sagamore Leadership Institute. I have served with John on church and school tasks in committee, and can tell you that he is brilliant, a good communicator, a defender of truth, and he is effective not only in working with others with conflicting views but he is persuasive in debate. I look forward to supporting him in his challenge for State Senate for District 24.”

Dr. Roc Byrd
Cornerstone Chiropractic

“I was privileged to serve as John Crane’s pastor for a number of years. I knew him as a man of great character, a man with a Christian worldview, a man with family values that weren’t just declared publicly but were lived out in his own home. John has been a fighter for those same values in the public arena. Teaching in the local church, leading Sagamore, writing a newspaper column, or testifying at legislative hearings and public forums, John has always stood for godly values, the values upon which our country was founded, indeed the values that have made America great.

Our state and our country are in desperate need of people of conviction who will not compromise when faced with the assault of secular humanism. John is well prepared to make the case for his convictions in a reasoned way that is making a difference. All this and much more cause me to say that I can unreservedly commend John to you in his campaign for office.”

Dr. John Caldwell
Retired Pastor, Kingsway Christian Church

“As an active grassroots leader in politics in Hendricks County and in the state, I am always looking for men and women that are conservative and possess leadership skills; that are not currently serving in a political office. I am looking for the highest caliper of honesty and integrity, along with a heart for servant leadership. I have found no one that meets my personal criteria more than John Crane. His principals, work ethic and commitment to God and his family are second to none. I am so pleased he responded to the invitation to take a major step and run for Senator for the 24th District. There is no one I would trust more to represent me and my family than John Crane. Dan and I are thrilled to 100% endorse John.”

Dan and Jodi Smith

“John Crane practices the virtues of loving God, family and country in his daily life. He is a true conservative that will not compromise his values for political gain. I look forward to working with a State Senator that will listen to his constituents and be a strong voice for local units of government. I enthusiastically support his candidacy.”

Kent McPhail
Plainfield Town Council

“John Crane is a proven leader in our community. As the Lead Pastor at Kingsway Christian Church, I have had the privilege of serving alongside John as he regularly offers his gifts and talents through teaching, leading, and serving our Kingsway community. He is willing to stand up when necessary, and speak his mind, but always with thoughtfulness and respect for others. In a world like ours where the path forward is not always evident, John teaches our members every Sunday how to engage our world with courage, thoughtfulness, and moral clarity. John’s passion for people and commitment to godly principles would serve us all well in State Senate District 24.”

Matt Nickoson
Lead Pastor
Kingsway Christian Church